Planning & preparation for home renovation, remodeling, and repair jobs

Proper planning and preparation is the key to a successful home renovation project. Planning involves considerations such as - who will use the space? How will it be used? What is your budget? What is your style? To help you organize your thoughts, we have compiled our standard questions into a downloadable form (for kitchens and baths), and we encourage you to use them in planning your project.

Kitchen Renovation Questionnaire - Click Here to Download the PDF Questionnaire

Bathroom Renovation Questionnaire - Click Here to Download the PDF Questionnaire

Once the planning stage is complete, you will need to prepare your family and house for the project ahead. To start with, we recommend you sit down with your entire family and explain what is going to happen (especially young children). Make sure they understand that the construction zones are OFF LIMITS! A construction zone is not an area for play time! We always do our best to clean up and properly secure our tools at the end of the day, but that doesn’t always deter curious little ones!

The following are a few questions you may want to consider before your bathroom renovation. Is the bathroom within a bedroom? If so, will the bedroom still be used? Or can you sleep elsewhere in the house? Is it the only bathroom in the house? If so, what will you do the days the toilet, shower, and sink are out of commission?

Kitchens projects are by far the hardest to prepare for, which is why we have compiled a checklist to help you get organized. The list includes suggestions on how to setup a temporary kitchen space, and items you may want to set aside to help minimize the stress involved with being without a kitchen for an extended period of time.

Kitchen Renovation Preparation Guide - Click Here to Download the PDF Preparation Guide

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